Telling Time

Two nights ago in a dream,
you held my face so tenderly
I felt everything else in the world
fall apart except this embrace,
lathered in the lemon warmth
of a [[love]] made to bring me back
to purity.

Yesterday, you told me a real story
about forbidden young fire
and that fall at first sight
for what we think is
separate from us,
our own [[soul]] seemingly held
captive in the [[heart]] of another.

It was a tale I've heard told [[time]]
and again,
though you tapped out is beat
with such [[simple]] beauty
I couldn't help but give in
to belly laughter and the call
of our Beloved.

Today, the russet stubble has been
rubbed clean, creation complete
and all in utter glory.
It's raining [[mercy]], oldest friend,
the rivers are singing their return:
rhythm and purpose and origin and end
rolled up in my Rab, my ruh,
this reverence.