The Dot

Walk through the [[light]] tunnel
which is the whole extended
history of space[[time]],
a literal looking back into
the distant past,
then do it again
when the [[heart]] is ready
to know there is [[nothing]]
that is [[not]] [[perfect]]
in this pattern that presents
as self-similar prism
proving even paradise
was conditional on a tree,
a [[trace]] of what is
beyond perfect bliss,
this path of purest gift
grown in the grace of a hidden [[book]],
a hole of light letting in,
letting on about the luminous
which passes like [[peace]]
through any understanding
until you let go
and simply live it,
left happy in the [[shadow]]
of your [[self]], now just [[here]]
to serve the resonant [[soul]].


  • Unfolding, enfolding