Not That

It's not the endless play of [[light]]
when you close your [[eye]]s,
nor how every cell seems to open
into [[peace]].

It's not bird[[song]]
nor breaking waves.
It's not even the quiet beat
of your [[heart]], or the [[way]]
you can hear the world
[[remember]]ing you,
if you learn to listen well.

It's not the pins and needles
when you finally get up
and go to the toilet,
just to [[be]] reminded
how human you [[real]]ly are,
nor the golden sunrise
flooding though your window,
[[will]]ing you to [[write]]
what mortal really means.

It's all these things
and none of them,
and something deeper down,
until you find it's [[nothing]]
but another [[simple]] morning,
woken up in God.


  • The Narrow Path That is Not

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