Heaven Scent

What the world smells like right [[now]]
will never [[be]] said, and my [[heart]] sings
with this one certainty.

Sunset's ring has wrapped the far horizon,
though it's not about these signs.
Do [[not]] stop [[here]] and make a science.

Hold out your hand, palm up, and plea with
this solitary wave
in whose gradual [[sea]] I am.

Hasten to help them dismantle the tent;
it's [[time]] to move on and only
those who are [[will]]ing to help

get to see the unscripted [[moment]]
where wind catches her tail
and sweeps the [[white]] canopy high up in

[[surrender]] and her final veil:
the [[victory]] of Rohanni riders,
roused by this wedding [[night]],
dawning [[light]].


  • Heaven's wings