And I gathered fragments of blue dense" - Joseph Cornell

Sometimes, there [[will]] [[be]] sorrow,
but then you'll stand again,
as if you were al[[way]]s standing,
[[eye]]s cast down in humility
before the grand [[blue]] solitude
of [[sea]].

And just to have seen it,
to have been brought [[here]]
in your chains and shown
that there is no choice,
that the stone [[self]]
will be shaped within
without you...

Lapis lazuli and an old [[love]]
song about Lazarus,
all of it meant
to make this [[life]]
entirely remarkable.


  • Bluets

  • "I will make him know gratitude which is not mixed with ignorance, and remembrance which is not mixed with forgetfulness, and a love which is higher than the love for all creation" — Hadith Qudsi