Temple's End

We've been building this temple,
quietly, the old man and me,
placing with care each stone
hauled [[here]] from right across
our dispersed realm.

There's been a certain rhythm,
quietly, between old man and me,
for all these many years,
a kind of yearning to reach the end,
yet here we are, [[be]]ginning.

Last [[night]], in a burst,
not born of the old man, nor me,
all the walls (so much devoted work)
were pulled apart, our [[burn]]ing centre
doused and all we'd done destroyed.

Dazed by the dark [[light]] we sat down,
quietly, the old man and me,
and watched smoke scent
newly opened [[space]].

Then he smiled,
the old man at me, and [[peace]]
was proffered in this pilfered [[holy]] place,
our sacrifice perfected
in the [[silence]] of God's play.


  • I found out I am really no-one