The Good King's Jest

Welcome. We [[be]]gin immediately.

The Blue Book and Living The Blue Book are both organised as journeys from beginning to end. They are meant to be read in a specific order defined by the sidebar and general structure of each site.

The Blue Book follows in the lineage of Carl Jung's and J. R. R. Tolkien's Red Books, with a hat-tip to Wittgenstein. It's shaped into Cantos, mimicking Ezra Pound and his attempt to fit all of history into one poetic epic using multiple languages. It just swaps out Italian for javascript, css, and markdown. Living, however, moves away from history or the attempt to create a unified framework to understand the flow of time. It's not about the intellect. It's about experience. Living considers how and what we value as human beings, what sorts of knowledge actually bring us lasting happiness, and what surrender means in the face of a life with purpose. Conscious experience, value, and life are all structured phenomena. Surrender is not. It is not a logical matter. It has to do with the heart.

Beginning with surrender, Dyeing presents no definite journey. Unpick your own path through the interconnected interior. Follow the [[thread]] [[through]] it as you [[will]]. There is no right order in which to [[read]], though there is a right [[way]]. This is best described by another:

"[[Nothing]] could enter it but the sincere act."
— Muhammad al-Niffarī

From here, I cannot speak. There is no 'I' to speak of what it is to die, to travel into a gatheredness which is neither collective, nor unconscious.

As always, though, there are other [[voice]]s to help navigate the void, different [[trace]]s of the same unitive consciousness.

The format for this work is inspired by Andy Matuschak. The book is opensource, built with Gatsby and uses Aravind Balla's gatsby-theme-andy. None of this would be possible without an ecosystem of magicians willing to share.

Explore the full YouTube playlist or The Blue Book playlist or the Living playlist. You can also @ me on Twitter with any questions.